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THE RICHIE BRACE IS A SUCCESS STORY. About 7 years ago I fell and broke my ankle in about three places; which of course required surgery. Twelve screws, and a plate later I was using a cane every day. I figured nothing further could be done. I had even asked my personal physician to prescribe a permanent handicap hanger for my car; so, I didn’t have to walk as far. I even fell again injuring my back, but still I figured what else could I do.

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“Dr. Richie,

Thank you for taking great care of my feet! The orthotics you have molded for me have taken now carried me up Mt. Mauna Kea, in Hawaii; Mt. Whitney and 210 miles along the John Muir Trail in California, Mt. Salkantay and Machu Picchu in Peru, and Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador as well as several other mountains in the Andes. Thanks again for your excellent care.

Happy trails to you,

— W. Q.

“Patient completes 500 mile hike wearing the Richie Dynamic Assist Brace

Last summer, Dr. Richie’s patient, K.M., completed the 500 mile segment of the Camino Frances route of the Camino Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage. This walk takes four weeks to complete and is an accomplished task for only the most hearty and healthy individuals. For Mr. K.M. who suffered a severe nerve injury in his lower leg in a mountain biking accident 4 years ago, completing this hike would have been impossible. He had a paralytic dropfoot deformity which caused him to drag his foot while walking.

In Spring, 2013, Mr. K.M. was referred to Dr. Richie who fitted the patient with the Richie Dynamic Assist Brace, which Dr. Richie had designed. The brace immediately transformed Mr. K.M. back to a normal ambulating patient without any weakness or deformity. He set out to complete a long time goal of walking the Camino Francés which stretches 780 km. (nearly 500 miles) from St. Jean-Pied-du-Port near Biarritz in France to Santiago.

The French Way is the most popular of the routes of the Way of St. James (Spanish: Camino de Santiago), the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. It runs from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles on the Spanish side and then another 780km on to Santiago de Compostela through the major cities of Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos and León. A typical walk on the Camino Francés takes at least four weeks, allowing for one or two rest days on the way. Some travel the Camino on bicycle or on horseback.

But no bicycle or horseback were needed for Mr. K.M. who walked the entire route wearing his Richie Dynamic Assist Brace, without any blisters or foot pain! See the photo album sent by this patient documenting his remarkable achievement over a 4 week period in Summer, 2013.

— K.M.
“I was plagued with plantar fasciitis for years, and as a runner, it severely impacted my ability to train and participate in races. I tried numerous things including stretching and several types of night splints with limited success. I was ready to consider a surgical procedure when Dr. Richie told me about RF which had very minimal downtime and could be performed in the office. The procedure was performed on a Tuesday and I did a 10K run the following Saturday with only slight soreness. Since then, I’ve had absolutely no plantar fasciitis discomfort or symptoms. From my perspective, it was a “miracle cure”.

— Brian B.

“Dear Dr. Richie,

I am so glad that I made the decision to schedule a consultation with you regarding my case of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. I have lived with this condition since late 2008. I have to say that when I was first diagnosed with this condition I was told to rest and wear my OTC supports at all times in my tennis shoes and even wear them in the house when walking around. The episode lasted a few weeks and I thought “I’m Ok.” I had another flare a year later that lasted almost 2 months. It was very painful but I could still manage to get around inside as long as I was resting my feet quite a bit. The flare ups became more frequent and the duration of pain and immobility longer each time.

In 2013 one day while walking my dog I felt this terrible pain in my right foot. I could hardly walk. I sort of limped home. I had to hire a dog walker for 2 months and pretty much stayed off my feet for that amount of time. I had orthotics made for my shoes and wore the soft braces too but still was having so much pain in both feet if I tried to be on my feet or doing anything like grocery shopping or laundry.

I decided that I better try to find a specialist that had experience with the condition of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and came highly recommended then arrange for a consultation. Dr. Richie and the Richie brace came up in my google search so I decided to make an appointment for consultation.

I cannot express how thankful I am for finding Dr. Richie and having had the Richie brace (orthotic) custom made for both feet. The results are so beyond what I imagined possible! I can do what I need to do and want to do and basically do it pain free!!!! It is really so incredible to go from a position where mobility is nearly totally impaired due to pain and dysfunction to being mobile and pain free thanks to the braces and orthotics!

I have to wear the Richie braces at least for 6 months though quite honestly should I need to do so for longer I can say without hesitation that would be no problem because I am so grateful for ability to walk without pain and for thus far at least 7 hours/day wearing the combo brace/orthotics) am working my way up to 8 plus hours!

Thank you Dr. Richie for really being able to diagnose and treat the condition my feet are in and for such a wonderful product that actually helps so much to alleviate pain and do what Is necessary to help my severely pronated feet and the injury bilaterally to the posterior tibial tendons. I look forward to continued progress with regard to my condition and also to being mobile every day without pain! Thanks~ infinity!

— M.A.

“Sometime during the early 1980’s I had back surgery where I had some nerve damage which left the outside of my left leg numb and left me with little control of my left foot.

Several years later I developed a callus on the bottom and outside of my foot which became very painful to walk on. Even though I saw different doctors and had several kinds of braces and orthotics, the pain was relieved for only short periods of time. My wife suggested that I should go to see Dr. Richie whom she had been going to for some time. I did so without much confidence that the pain problem would be solved.

When Dr. Richie examined my food, he suggested an ankle brace. After several visits and a few adjustments to the brace, he suggested I have a 1/2 inch wedge inserted into the sole of the shoe. For the past two months, I have been very ecstatic with the brace and the adjustments. I have been walking with virtually no pain.

— Anonymous

“I wanted to take the opportunity to say that the RFA procedure was an absolute success. I have been pain free for over two years!! Prior to the procedure the pain was relentless, unbearable and I was constantly making choices regarding social events based on how far I would have to walk and God forbid stand! This is no longer an issue in my day to day life choices, what a relief to have this past me~ Thank you Dr. Richie!

— Donna G.
“Between 1996 and 2004, I had both hips and both knees replaced. To aid in my recovering, after my last knee was replaced, I began working with a personal trainer. She quickly observed that my left ankle was considerably pronated and recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Richie who confirmed that I was in need of ORTHOTICS.

An X-ray confirmed that I had developing arthritis in my left ankle and these orthotics gave me proper balance and prevented any developing pain.

However, in April of 2010, I had a heart valve replacement (at the age of 88) and to recover properly from that, it was recommended that I go to CARDIAC REHAB THREE MORNINGS A WEEK. THE ATTENDANT IMMEDIATELY put me on a treadmill. . . .and after a few weeks, the pounding from the walking began to take its’ toll and my ankle started to swell. . .like I had a mini inner tube around my ankle and once again, I had to start using a cane for balance and to minimize the pain. . . . I soon switched to using their recumbent bike (so I could exercise from a sitting position).

When I had my regular annual visit with Dr. Richie and complained to him about my painful problem (he chastised me for not coming to him sooner) he said he thought he had something that JUST MIGHT relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. First, I needed to get proper compression hose (great invention) and then, making no promises, he fitted MY LEFT ANKLE with his RICHIE BRACE!

Incredible! It worked and within days, the swelling went down and I now walk with no pain and great balance with minimum need for my cane.

I am a walking testimonial for the RICHIE BRACE. Whoever thought it would relieve arthritis pain. . . .without pills.

P.S. One other recommendation he made. . . .to work with an physical therapist and by accident, I found. . .SUSAN MAIS REQUEJO.. . .who it turns out has consulted with Dr. Richie over the years. Working with her (two days a week) has enhanced the value of wearing his RICHIE BRACE.

— F.C.

“Hi Dr. Richie,

I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months since my surgery! I just wanted to update you on how things are going. I ran for the first time on October 28 (for four minutes), and, other than a few aches and pains in other parts of my lower legs/feet at the beginning of getting back into training, I have had ZERO pain in my feet since. I competed in my first race three weeks ago (a 5k for spring track) and have been doing consistent workouts and races since.

I can’t even describe how great it is to be able to run pain free again, and without a doubt you are to thank for this. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Running is extremely special to me and you understood this from the beginning and helped me get this part of my life back.

— K.M.

“Hi Dr. Richie,

I first began experiencing pain in my right foot in 2003 at the age of 55. After treatment by another podiatrist, I failed to improve with custom foot orthotics. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Richie .During my first visit to Dr Richie he diagnosed my problem as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. He customized a Richie Brace to fit my foot. I wore the brace faithfully for five months. After that time period Dr. Richie fitted me with custom orthotics. I truly believe that the use of the Richie Brace spared me from painful surgery and restored my ability to participate in the activities that I enjoy.

I am happy to report that eight years following my initial treatment with the Richie Brace I continue to lead a very active and pain free life. I am able to play tennis three or four times and week. I also walk three or four miles a day.

— K.M.

“I am writing this testimonial regarding Dr. RICHIE’s excellent patented ankle brace. It has made all the difference in my injured foot. It keeps the separating bones in my foot well aligned. One of the very best features besides allowing my foot to heal is how thin it is as it is a complete unit with the orthotic. It fits in all my shoes with no need to buy larger sizes. That is a wonderful feature that anyone who has had someone make a clumsy, ungainly boot can well appreciate. It has allowed me to hike and participate in sports as well. A big hurrah to Dr. Richie for his thoughtful invention.

— Sincerely. VICKI MARKS

“Matt was told he would never run again….but about a week after he had worn your brace, he said, “Hey, Mist, watch this….” And he took off RUNNING!! He said he never enjoyed running before his accident but when he was told he’d never be able to anyway, all of a sudden, all he wanted to do was RUN!! (I said it was just to prove to himself that he could, which he did!) Your brace ALLOWED his dream of running to HAPPEN!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, as it truly, like I said, has changed Matt’s life! His quality of life has significantly improved and as for the “hitch in his giddy-up”….it is GONE, thanks to the Dynamic Assist Richie Brace!!!

— I hope you are doing GREAT, Dr. Richie!! Thanks again!! M.N.

“My name is K.C., I’m 46 years old & I’ve had plantar fasciitis for over a decade. I have very high arches & sometimes I’m on my feet for hours at work. I was always limping & in pain despite cortisone shots, custom orthotics & lots of physical therapy. I was a bit skeptical when Dr. Richie first described the EPAT / Shockwave Therapy because nothing had really worked before. At the most I was hoping that it would at least get me to where I could take my dog for a walk without hobbling.

The Shockwave Therapy hurt but it was bearable because Dr. Richie can adjust the intensity of the acoustic pressure waves. I found it helpful to have a towel to squeeze during my treatments. He had warned me that the full effects of the 3 weekly treatments would take months, but by the next week I had noticed a positive change! After the third appointment, the pain in my heel had gone from a constant 9 to a dull 2. Pretty soon after that I noticed I didn’t limp anymore, no matter how far I walked. The only time I felt twinges of pain was if I jogged for maybe 20 yards while playing with my dog.

For less than $400 I finally had a pain free foot! It was definitely money well spent. After a year, I asked for & went through another round of EPAT treatments. My hope is to have a completely healed ligament in the near future.

I also have tennis elbow & mentioned my results from EPAT to my orthopedist & she NEVER said it can be used for elbows! I was about to pay $1000 for PRP even though it has pretty mixed reviews & I really don’t like needles. I am lucky I told Dr. Richie what I was planning for my elbow because he said that EPAT is very effective for lateral epicondylitis too.

Dr. Richie I am so very grateful that you offer the most effective treatments available! You are not the first podiatrist I’ve ever seen, but you will certainly be the last!

Thank you so much!

— K.C.

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