Travel Foot Care


While school may be starting soon, off-peak travel season is just beginning. If you tried to avoid the crowds of families during the summer, upcoming autumn travel is exciting to look forward to. Whether you’re going for the weekend or a month-long backpacking trip, there are some essentials you should prepare and pack. 



We know that there are a myriad of things to put on a checklist before you leave, but we have a few things to add to keep your feet well cared for:

  • First, check these tips for flying and your feet. When flights are involved in your travel plans, follow these tips for preventing swelling in your feet and ankles.
  • When you pack shoes, choose ones that will be comfortable and supportive. If you’re going to a formal event, such as a wedding, pack your elegant shoes for use only during that event. Otherwise, shoes that will be used for casual wear and exploration should be supportive so that your feet do not have pain, especially if you have plantar fasciitis. Painful shoes will also make your trip less enjoyable. 
  • Antibiotic ointment or cream, as well as bandages can help in case you have any foot injuries or blisters. Make sure you bring enough body lotion to cover your feet too. 
  • Make sure to pack enough socks so that you do not have to risk having to re-wear socks or going without socks, both of which can increase your chances of infections. 
  • Bring flip-flops for use in public areas, as well as in hotel pools, spas, and showers. While the housekeeping crews clean hotel rooms, you just never know. Bacterial, viral, and fungal infections are possibly spread through surfaces that other people have used.
  • If you’re using newly purchased shoes for a particular activity, like hiking boots, make sure they are broken in and comfortable for a long hiking trail. 
  • If you have other foot issues like bunions that require special orthotic inserts or splints, don’t forget to pack them and keep up with routine foot care.  

If you are concerned about foot care for upcoming travel, make an appointment today at Alamitos-Seal Beach Podiatry Group. One of our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Douglas H. Richie, Dr. Jeremy L. Cook, or Dr. Faye E. Izadi, will be happy to give you more information and perform a checkup for your feet at either of our Seal Beach, CA and Los Alamitos, CA offices in Orange County.